Biology Lab

The Biology Lab is well- designed as per ICSE norms and is fully equipped to cater to the academic needs of students upto class X. .

The well –ventilated Biology Lab is a place where the study of theoretical concepts is further enhanced through learning by doing. Students regularly conduct a plethora of scientific activities and experiments under the guidance of the teacher which makes the study of Biology livelier and more interesting. Emphasis is on practical hand -on activities thereby encouraging scientific thinking.

The Biology Lab is well stocked with compound microscopes, slides, models and preserved specimens. Its most – recent addition of an interactive smart board connected to computer and projector makes Biology lessons more effective and engaging.

The development of scientific temper among students is being emphasised upon through audio – visual aids and science demonstrations.

Scientific talent is being encouraged through science model – making, charts, project work, science exhibition, seminars and quizzes as part of science curriculum.